Adidas Utility Bench w/Leg and Pz Pad

Adidas Utility Bench
October 18, 2016
Adidas Squat Stand
October 18, 2016

Adidas Utility Bench w/Leg and Pz Pad


The ideal addition to your home gym or fitness studio, the adidas Training Bench offers stand-out design and sturdy construction in one compact piece of apparatus.

Easy to adjust, the adidas Training Bench also boasts a preacher curl to isolate the biceps and a mounted padded leg developer to perform leg extensions and curls, focusing on your quads and hamstrings respectively. This deluxe add-on enables you to perform a range of exercises whilst the bench is in a flat position.

Adding further versatility to your training program, the bench can be adjusted to flat, incline and decline positions – the latter position is perhaps often overlooked but it is the easiest way of targeting specific muscles in the chest and upper body. Using the bench at different angles encourages multiple muscle engagement, so you can work the muscles you want for a more defined and sculpted physique.

Solid in construction with floor level adjustment, as well as being compact in size, the Training Bench doesn’t take up too much space and works hand-in-hand with dumbbells, barbells and most squat stands and power racks. Take your floor based exercises up a notch and perform them on the bench so you can work your abs on a supportive and comfortable platform.

Ideal for users of all levels, beginners or more experienced, the adidas Training Bench is a must-have tool in any keen fitness enthusiast’s arsenal.

  • Easily adjustable to flat, incline and decline positions
  • Floor level adjustment for added stability
  • Includes preacher curl for targeting biceps
  • Leg extension with weight plate holder (Max. weight 45kg)
  • Max. user weight: 135kg
  • Maximum load: 215kg
  • Dimensions (Assembled): 181 x 64 x 120 cm

Certification (EN Class)
EN 957-1
EN 957-2

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