Training Equipment

From the Training Bench to the Home Rig, the highly functional and flexible adidas training equipment units can be used in conjunction with other accessories to maximize your fitness benefits.

As one of the larger pieces of training equipment, sizing has been carefully considered with each bench and station designed to effectively maximize space in any home gym environment.

The adidas strength series, offers you a multitude of exercises. As a result, it can easily cover those who are new to strength training, but also meet the needs of more experienced users or athletes by offering challenging training schedules to target all main muscle groups.

Setting up your perfect home gym has never been easier!


The adidas fitness accessories are built with the highest quality and aim to deliver results, while ensuring comfort and safety.

Whether you choose to train your core muscles with the Ab Wheel, develop your agility and reflexes with the Cones and Reaction Ball, focus on your strength exercises with the versatile Aerobic Tubes, or simply opt for a classic but effective cardio workout with a Rope, you can be sure to find the right tool to target all main muscle groups.

Combine these fitness accessories with our training equipment to maximize your fitness benefits!


Exclusive distributor

The adidas strength series is distributed in the Greek market exclusively by MEKMA S.A., a company founded in 1982 in Athens, with the purpose of importing and trading fitness and gymnastic equipment for home and professional use and is now the leading supplier of specialist fitness products in Greece.

Over the years we have worked are still working with many high end brands and factories. We continue to grow because we offer quality products at the most competitive prices, always with respect to our customers.